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Access top-notch septic pumping services across Mills, Brown, Comanche, San Saba, Hamilton, and Lampasas counties. Let us handle this crucial service for your property! At Cen-Tex Outhouses, LLC., we prioritize quality customer service, ensuring thorough and efficient septic pumping to maintain your system’s functionality. Based in the scenic town of Goldthwaite, Texas, we are dedicated to serving your septic needs with professionalism and care.

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Septic Pumping

Improve sanitation for homes and businesses with Cen-Tex Outhouses’ premier septic service solutions. Our septic pumping and maintenance services ensure cleanliness and functionality for residential and commercial properties alike. From routine pumping to thorough inspections, we address diverse septic system needs with precision and care. With punctual service, meticulous maintenance, and stringent hygiene standards, Cen-Tex Outhouses guarantees a dependable and pleasant experience every time.

Septic Service Details

We are committed to delivering superior septic services throughout Mills, Brown, Comanche, San Saba, Hamilton, and Lampasas counties. Our dedication to excellence is evident in the meticulous maintenance of our systems, ensuring both cleanliness and reliability for our customers.

Inspect The Septic Tank

First, we locate the tank using specialized equipment if its position is unknown. Then, we carefully uncover the tank, either by digging up the soil around it or utilizing existing access points like manholes or inspection ports.

Septic Pumping

Once the tank is accessible, we use a specialized pumping truck equipped with vacuum hoses to remove accumulated solids and sludge from the tank. During this process, we also inspect the tank for any signs of damage or leaks.

Clean & Restroration

After pumping and cleaning the tank, we refill it with water or sewage, and the surrounding area is restored to its original condition. Regular maintenance and cleaning help ensure the continued functionality and longevity of the septic system.

"We have been using Cen Tex Outhouses for servicing our porta potty at the Live Oak Cemetery in Southeastern Hamilton County for several years. They always respond immediately, when called. They offer several options for service times and operations. They are the most economical service I have found. I have received nothing but good reviews from the folks using our facility."

– Henry Billingsley (Live Oak Cemetery CEO)

"I would recommend Centex Outhouses to anyone needing reliable outhouse services. In my case, I was in the process of building a new home and because of delays in the different phases of construction, meant there was periods there was no activity at the job site for varying amounts of time. Centex worked around those times and suspended cleaning the outhouse during those periods and it only took phone call to get service restored."

– John Hill (Local Home Owner)

"We used the service twice this year for youth groups and their parents. The units arrived on-time, were set up and stocked for the groups. We had no issue with cleanliness or with the units integrity. Will definitely use their services in the future."

– Sandy Mason (Youth Group Leader)

Septic Information All Septic Tank Owners Should Know


Regular Pumping

Typically every two to three years, is essential to maintain your septic system’s optimal performance and prevent potential issues.


Annual cleaning

Your septic system’s filters significantly enhances its functionality and efficiency, ensuring smooth operation year-round.


Regularly inspecting

Your septic system’s filter is crucial to ensure it remains in good condition, facilitating proper wastewater filtration and preventing system failures.


Septic Lifespan

Understanding your household’s water usage habits is crucial for maintaining a healthy septic system. 

Septic Warning Signs

Slow Drains: If you notice slow drainage in sinks, toilets, showers, or tubs throughout your home, it could indicate a problem with your septic system. Slow drains may be caused by a buildup of solids in the tank or a blockage in the pipes leading to or from the tank.

Foul Odors: Unpleasant odors emanating from drains, toilets, or the area around your septic tank or drain field can indicate a sewage backup or a problem with the system’s ventilation. Foul smells may be a sign of leaks, overfilled tanks, or improper drainage.

Pooling Water: The presence of standing water or soggy, waterlogged areas around your septic tank or drain field may indicate a problem with the system’s drainage. This could be caused by a clogged drain field, a leaking tank, or excess wastewater saturating the soil. Prompt attention to pooling water can prevent further damage to your septic system and property.

Should I Flush It?
  • Avoid flushing common clog-causing items like grease, condoms, tampons, pads, kitty litter, wipes, cigarette butts, or so-called flushable toilet scrubbers.

    Additionally, refrain from flushing substances that disrupt the bacterial balance within your septic tank, such as motor oil, gasoline, anti-freeze, paints, stains, varnishes, pharmaceutical drugs, and antibacterial soaps. It’s essential to check with your local authorities for proper disposal methods for these products to ensure environmental safety and septic system longevity.

    How do you clean an underground tank?
    • Locating the Tank: First, the tank must be located if its exact position is not known. This can be done using specialized equipment and techniques.
    • Accessing the Tank: Once located, the tank needs to be accessed for cleaning. This may involve digging up the soil around the tank or using existing access points such as manholes or inspection ports.
    • Pumping Out Solids: A specially designed pumping truck equipped with vacuum hoses is used to extract solids and sludge from the tank. The pumping process removes both liquid and solid waste from the tank.
    • Cleaning the Interior: After pumping out the solids, the interior of the tank is thoroughly cleaned using high-pressure water jets or mechanical scrubbers to remove any remaining debris and residue.
    • Inspecting for Damage: During the cleaning process, technicians inspect the tank for signs of damage, such as cracks or leaks, which may require repair.
    • Refilling and Restoration: Once cleaning and inspection are complete, the tank is refilled with water or sewage, and the surrounding area is restored to its original condition.
    • Regular Maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance schedules should be established to prevent future buildup of solids and ensure the continued functionality of the septic system.

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